Multiple documents, multiple sources

In Organizer Project mode you can add multiple documents from multiple sources to an Organizer Project workspace.

The content within the Organizer Project can be re-arranged and edited using a variety of editing and mark-up tools; pages and documents can be checked/unchecked for inclusion in the collated set; users can apply watermarks, bates numbering, headers/footers and stationery to the document.

The final step in the process is the publication of a single document, which might be emailed or saved into a Document Management System or to disk as a PDF, PDF/A, JPEG or TIFF document.

Organizer Project templates

You can create any number of Organizer Projects. Documents can be easily copied between Projects. Also you can create Organizer Project templates for consistency.

10 reasons to choose pdfDocs

To help you in your decision-making, please download our Top 10 Reasons for Choosing pdfDocs.