Baptism of fire for Thynne & Macartney

February 10, 2011—DocsCorp, a global leader in document integration technology and productivity software for enterprise content management systems, today announced that the awarding winning Brisbane-based law firm Thynne & Macartney has selected Mimecast as its email management solution.

Mimecast provides the only end-to-end solution for unified email management in the cloud – a SaaS solution that covers archiving, discovery, business continuity, security and policy management. More than 2,000 companies around the world have replaced multiple, on-premise point solutions with Mimecast in order to significantly reduce the risk, complexity and overall cost of email management.

Baptism of Fire

Thynne & Macartney were particularly interested in the Mimecast archiving solution. Its instantly searchable ten-year rolling archive automatically saves all emails and users can retrieve them within seconds. Cloud-based archiving means there is no need to purchase additional storage for the growing volume of important correspondence.

“We became aware of the Mimecast solution late last year through DocsCorp, who were bringing the product to the Australian market as the exclusive Mimecast partner and distributor. We saw the value of the Mimecast model right away,” recalls Ken Apps – Thynne & Macartney IT Manager.

“A single SaaS offering would be much easier for us to implement and manage, and definitely less expensive. We were particularly interested in the archiving solution. Efficiently managing records retention is crucial for any law firm,” explains Apps. “At any time, we might be asked to locate a deleted email. We needed a solution that was practical and easy to use.”

But no sooner had the firm deployed the solution when their building was one of a number of CBD buildings impacted by the floods.Their Exchange server was shut down. Mimecast allows users to continue to send and receive email even if there is a failure of the Exchange infrastructure. Users no longer need to worry about losing access to email as they can continue to work uninterrupted through Outlook or through the Mimecast web portal. Once Exchange is back online, all email sent and received from Mimecast is sychronized with Exchange.
Thynne & Macartney employees were able to work remotely despite their Exchange server being down by accessing email through Mimecast’s web portal.