DocsCorp releases next generation document comparison software

DocsCorp, a global leader in document productivity software for document management professionals, announced today a major upgrade to its compareDocs document comparison software, which allows users to compare two versions of a document for differences no matter what the format.  

compareDocs and its companion products, cleanDocs and pdfDocs, have undergone a complete user interface redesign to present a common, modern look and feel that is intuitive and easy to use. These companion products will be announced within the next 30 days.

New in compareDocs 4

  • New, modern interface – The clean, uncluttered compareDocs 4 interface is designed for productivity and usability. Its Microsoft Office 2010/13 look and feel makes it an intuitive and easy product to use. Settings are now more easily configured under the new look settings screen.
  • Faster speeds – Users will notice substantial improvements in the time it takes to start up the application. Comparison speeds have also been improved especially for very large documents.
  • PDF Companion – The PDF Companion is now provided to allow users to create PDF documents from any application. This is ideal for users who have only an occasional need to create PDFs. Simply ‘Print’ to the DocsCorp PDF Printer.
  • Track Change output – Users can choose to output the comparison in an improved Track Changes format, to accept/reject the changes and to continue using the document as the “go forward” version.
  • OCR Language Chooser – Users can specify languages in their documents using the new OCR Language Chooser to improve results in OCR’d documents. Supports 180 languages including Asian languages.
  • PDF comparisons – A single click enables users to compare 2 PDFs, which will be marked up in traditional redline format, and then automatically converted to Word.
  • Windows 8 / Office 2013 – compareDocs continues to be compatible with the latest Operating System and Office versions.

Document comparison with a difference

The compareDocs approach to document comparison and workflow is unique—provide users with a seamless, integrated comparison workflow that delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency to meet today’s complex comparison needs.

compareDocs can produce either a Track Changes document with the comparison results, or a redlined output. This gives the growing number of users preferring to work with Track Changes the ability to accept or reject changes in a third document, in addition to benefiting from compareDocs reliability, accuracy and usability.

compareDocs is the only specialist comparison product that can compare PDF documents natively, that is, it doesn’t convert the document to another format as part of the comparison process. The result is a faster, more accurate comparison.

Compare apples to oranges

compareDocs goes beyond Word-to-Word comparisons. The easy-to-use compareDocs interface lets you compare anything to anything (Word to Word, PDF to PDF, Word to PDF as well as image files), working with applications like MS Word, Outlook and PDF Readers. compareDocs also provides deep integration with leading Document Management Systems (HP Worksite, NetDocuments, OpenText, ProLaw, Worldox and MS SharePoint).

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