Poelmann van den Broek goes with DocsCorp's contentCrawler

16 August, 2012 - DocsCorp, a global leader in document integration technology and productivity software for enterprise content management systems, announced today that leading Dutch law firm, Poelmann van den Broek, located in Nijmegen, has selected its contentCrawler software to help reduce the cost and risk of managing image-based documents profiled in its HP iManage document management system. DocsCorp partner, dFlow, was closely involved in the sales process.

Commenting on the deployment, Perry Willard, CEO at Poelmann van den Broek, said that the firm had considered several search solutions before deciding on contentCrawler. "It was its unique ability to look inside email attachments for image-based documents as well as its out-of- the-box integration that sold us on the contentCrawler solution," said Perry Willard.

Better visibility, better search

contentCrawler provides document management professionals with greater visibility into content repositories than other search technologies to minimize risk and simplify the management of image-based documents.

Image-based documents often get profiled in content repositories through a variety of workflow loopholes bypassing the OCR’ing process that would make them text-searchable -- faxes, scanners and users profiling email attachments using mobile technology. Once in the DMS, these documents become completely “invisible” to search engines.

“Businesses have made considerable investments in document management and search technologies, but it is estimated that 20% of documents in a DMS are non-searchable. This figure represents a significant risk to any business. Its reputation and financial well-being could be impacted simply by failing to produce a specific document on demand,” says Juul Leijnse, dFlow Managing Director.

contentCrawler converts all image-based documents to text-searchable PDFs, ignoring documents that have a text layer, or have been identified as having little or no text. The “text threshold” can be set by the Administrator to ignore documents with minimal text.

When the documents are converted to text-searchable PDFs, they are automatically saved as New Versions, Attachments or Related Documents in the DMS. These documents are now text- searchable and can be found by DMS search.

contentCrawler Integration

contentCrawler integrates with HP iManage, OpenText eDOCS DM, OpenText Content Server, ProLaw, Worldox as well as MS Windows file systems. Integration with MS SharePoint will be available soon.