DocsCorp Releases its Project-centric PDF Management Application - pdfDocs 3.3

DocsCorp, a global leader in document integration technology and productivity software for enterprise content management systems, announced today the release of pdfDocs 3.3, a project-centric PDF management application that integrates with leading Document Management Systems (DMS) as well as MS SharePoint.

The pdfDocs 3.3 release builds on existing capabilities to extend workflow solutions to PDF/A creation, emailing, OCR'ing, document bundling and displaying pagination information when working with business-critical documents both inside and outside the DMS environment.

Commenting on the release Dean Sappey, DocsCorp President and co-Founder, said “pdfDocs celebrates its 10th year, and during this time it has seen many enhancements, improvements and integrations. The number of users that rely on it to manage their business-critical documents has grown to more than 300,000 in 32 different countries. I am particularly excited about the 3.3 release as it delivers significant benefits to these users in terms of useability and even more efficient document management workflows.”

“Our goal as a company is to extend document processing, manipulation and publishing workflows inside and outside the DMS environment to drive business efficiency, and on this score the 3.3 release delivers. We look forward to working with our clients around the world to drive innovation and develop software that increases the value of their investment in document management technology.”

The pdfDocs 3.3 release will provide users with the following capabilities:

  • PDF/A within DMS - Users will be able to create PDF/A documents from within a DMS or from an email workflow.
  • Email attachment conversion - In addition to Office documents , pdfDocs detects and prompts users to convert MSG and RTF attachment files to PDF before emailing.
  • Displaying PDF pagination - Users can select to output documents with the pdfDocs default pagination conventions, or the pagination information derived from the source document in the PDF, or create a new pagination numbering set.
  • Email from DMS - Users will be able to right-click on multiple documents within the DMS, convert to PDF and attach them to a single email as individual documents or as one collated document.
  • Binder reporting - The Binder feature in pdfDocs has been enhanced to identify problematic documents when building such things as CD Bibles, Closing or Deal Books as well as Court Bundles. Problematic documents will be identified in the initial phase of the bundling process to minimize lost time and effort. Users can review log files for more detailed information on these documents.

Also included in this release are enhancements to password encryption and the ability to right-click and OCR an image PDF in the pdfDocs Organizer workspace, replacing the original PDF document in the process. This will save users time as well as ensure there are no duplicate documents in the Organizer workspace.

pdfDocs availability

pdfDocs 3.3 is available for download to all DocsCorp clients from the Client portal. You can also request a 30-day, fully-functional trial version of the software.