Speechly Bircham Abandons Legacy Comparison Software in Favour of DocsCorp

September 30, 2012—DocsCorp, a global leader in document integration technology and productivity software for enterprise content management systems, announced today that Speechly Bircham, an international law firm based in London, has abandoned its legacy comparison software, Workshare, in favour of compareDocs and the PayneGroup Metadata Assistant. Phoenix, DocsCorp’s UK partner, was closely involved in the sale process.

Commenting on the decision to go with DocsCorp, Robert Cohen, Speechly Birchams’ Director of Information Technology said “the firm was looking for a document comparison and metadata management solution that was future proof and would work with the firm’s 2010 desktop refresh. Speechly Bircham is pleased with the roll out of compareDocs and Metadata Assistant and feel that this will significantly benefit users throughout the firm. Our comprehensive support package with Phoenix has been reassuring throughout the project.”

The announcement follows several other high profile UK law firms also swapping out Workshare in favour of compareDocs and Metadata Assistant within the last few months. In the Speechly Bircham case specifically, the firm was forced to look for a Workshare alternative when persistent bug issues failed to be resolved for its 2010 refresh project.