Top Australian law firm goes with compareDocs for "anything-to-anything comparison"

November 26, 2011—DocsCorp, a global leader in document integration technology and productivity software for enterprise content management systems, has announced that Minter Ellison, one of the largest law firms in the Asia Pacific region, has abandoned its legacy comparison application in favour of compareDocs and ocrDesktop for its “anything-to-anything” document comparison capability.

Commenting on the decision to go with compareDocs, Garry Meikle, Minter Ellison's National Applications Manager, said the firm had undertaken extensive testing and comparison of various products.“In the key areas of stability, accuracy, presentation consistency and handling of Chinese documents, compareDocs was as good as or even better than the others," he said.

"The clincher for us was the compareDocs UI and the way it integrated with HP iManage and MS Word out of the box. The product was much easier to use, and could be deployed with minimum training and disruption to our users. Feedback from our lawyers and secretaries has been very positive.”

An Integrated Anything-to-Anything Comparison

The compareDocs approach to document comparison and workflow is unique, providing law firms with a seamless, integrated comparison workflow that delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency to meet the complex comparison needs of today’s law firm.

compareDocs compares two versions of the same document for changes, outputting the detected changes directly into a new MS Word document. This new document becomes the next version of the compared documents—a live working MS Word document. This new approach results in a more efficient document review process.

Going beyond Word-to-Word comparisons, compareDocs enables law firms to compare many different formats. The easy-to-use interface lets you compare Word to Word, PDF to PDF and even Word to PDF. With pdfDocs OCR Server or pdfDocs OCR Desktop installed, you can compare PDF to PDF and output the Comparison Report as a MS Word document. Or, compare two image documents.

Efficiency through Integration

compareDocs integrates with the applications and systems legal professionals use every day to streamline the process of comparing documents, reducing the complexity of the task to a couple of steps.