World Software Corporation announces the availability of contentCrawler for Worldox at ILTA 2014

August 19, 2014--World Software Corporation announces the availability of contentCrawler for Worldox, a valuable add-on tool to the Worldox document management system (DMS).

Image-based files such as faxes, image PDF files, and scanned documents can be profiled into Worldox. However, access to content in some of these files is limited or may even be invisible to your search technology if you do not use OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

contentCrawler for Worldox, licensed from DocsCorp, solves this problem by identifying non-searchable content and converting it to a text-searchable PDF. Any files that are identified as being image-based documents are saved as either new versions, attachments or related documents with an invisible text layer added to the document to facilitate your search. contentCrawler for Worldox can search and convert backlogs of legacy documents as well as actively monitor newly-profiled documents whether they are stored inside or outside of Worldox.

This intelligent automated process supports over 180 languages and provides you with the peace of mind that every file saved into Worldox can be found, regardless of origin and ensuring you can comply with your most important discovery request.

Ray Zwiefelhofer, President of World Software Corporation comments, "We are extremely pleased about our collaboration with DocsCorp on the contentCrawler for Worldox. The ability to convert image files to text-searchable PDFs combined with Worldox’s existing powerful search mechanisms deliver confidence that important documents will not be overlooked during critical discovery or compliance time cycles."

"It is a fact that DMS and ECM content repositories are full of non-searchable content. The problem for a CIO is that there is no easy way to determine the size of the problem or how much it will cost to fix it. The contentCrawler framework can provide the CIO with the evidence to build the business case for solving this problem," says DocsCorp President and co-founder, Dean Sappey.

"If you don’t know the extent of the problem, or you are not sure if you have a problem, DocsCorp invites you to use contentCrawler (trial version mode) to provide an audit report of your Worldox documents," suggests Sappey.

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Kerry Carroll