The mantra "trust, but verify," applies equally to PDF/A

February 29, 2012

Trust, but verify was a phrase adopted by U.S. president Ronald Reagan. Reagan frequently used it when discussing U.S. relations with the Soviet Union. Similarly, you cannot assume a document is PDF/A compliant simply because it is tagged as a PDF/A document. It is important to verify PDF/A compliance at two different stages of the workflow. Here’s why… First, documents you receive from externa...

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PDF/A facts in a nutshell, or more precisely in a Whitepaper

February 9, 2012

After three days in a booth with the PDF Association (formerly the PDF/A Competence Center) at Legal Tech New York, one thing is crystal clear: there is a lot of confusion and not a lot of facts about the PDF/A standard within the legal community. Joe Friday of Dragnet fame made the phrase “just the facts, ma’am” famous, however what he originally said was “All we want are the facts.” So, here...

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