The mantra "trust, but verify," applies equally to PDF/A

Published on February 29, 2012 by kerryc
Trust, but verify was a phrase adopted by U.S. president Ronald Reagan. Reagan frequently used it when discussing U.S. relations with the Soviet Union. Similarly, you cannot assume a document is PDF/A compliant simply because it is tagged as a PDF/A document. It is important to verify PDF/A compliance at two different stages of the workflow. Here’s why… First, documents you receive from external sources need to be checked since not all PDF creation tools produce PDF/A documents that comply 100% with the PDF/A standard. Second, documents need to be tested as the final step in the production process. A valid PDF/A document can be invalidated as a result of editing or inserting external links etc. into the document. In both cases, these invalid PDF/A documents may still display in Reader as valid PDF/A documents. DocsCorp has added new PDF/A validation functionality to its pdfDocs Desktop product to enable its users to verify PDF/A compliance. You will be able to test a PDF document or a folder of PDF documents for PDF/A compliance, irrespective of the application used to create the document. A simple right-click on a document and selecting the PDF/A validation option launches the tool. If a document fails the compliance test, a summary report lists the errors. The document can be corrected by outputting the PDF from the pdfDocs Desktop application, which produces PDF/A-compliant documents. [polldaddy poll=5990288]