DocsCorp extends document comparison capabilities to DocXtools

Published on March 15, 2012 by kerryc
Microsystems, a leading provider of software and services that drive document quality and production efficiency, and DocsCorp, a global provider of software solutions that help law firms manage their business-critical documents more efficiently and more securely, together announce a new technology partnership to further enhance the extended comparison capabilities available in Microsystems software, DocXtools. "This partnership provides Microsystems with an exciting opportunity to enhance the collaboration process for our customers as well as the opportunity to join forces with a global specialist in PDF comparison solutions." Tom O' Sullivan, CEO of Microsystems. DocXtools compare, which fills the gaps in native Word Compare, now has the capability to compare PDFs (in addition to Word, Excel and PowerPoint files), with the new DocXtools PDF Compare Plus Module. Powered by the DocsCorp compareDocs comparison engine, the PDF Compare Plus Module enhances workflows by filling even more gaps, providing a complete comparison solution aligned to the needs and workflows of the legal industry. “As firms look to simplify and streamline their desktops, Microsystems is adding functionality to support customers using DocXtools to enhance native Word Compare,” said O’Sullivan. “Our partnership with DocsCorp enables DocXtools customers to leverage their investment in Microsoft technology and reduce the costs and complexity of adding a third party comparison tool to support a limited number of specific user needs.” “DocsCorp is delighted to provide DocXtools customers with its technology for comparing and redlining changes in PDF documents. In the world of specialist document comparison software, compareDocs provides users the unique ability to compare PDF documents natively without converting the PDF to a text file before comparing, which can result in substantial content and formatting loss,” said Dean Sappey, President of DocsCorp. DocXtools Approach: DocXtools enhances the productivity of legal teams by extending Microsoft Word features including compare, cross reference, style, numbering and table of contents and providing automation to identify and correct document issues. Specifically, DocXtools compare fills the gaps in native Word Compare to provide a viable comparison solution for the legal industry. DocsCorp Approach: DocsCorp’s pdfDocs Solutions Suite makes day to day tasks faster and easier, delivering complex solutions that anyone can use. A cornerstone of the DocsCorp strategy is integration with core business applications and systems to drive real, bottom-line savings. "DocsCorp and Microsystems have worked together in the past, but this marks a new level of cooperation between our two companies. We look forward to working even more closely in the future." - Dean Sappey, President of DocsCorp