DocsCorp's Touring 2014! ILTA Roadshows In The Future

Published on October 2, 2013 by Corinne
DocsCorp's 2013 schedule of ILTA Roadshows is now over, but we are already planning more for next year. Dean Sappey toured like a rock star, coming out from Sydney, Australia to lead the roadshows with a back-to-back itinerary  fueled by his commitment and enthusiasm for his company's products. Dean's perspective on the history of document comparison technology and his demonstrations of modern software capabilities brought insights to over 100 legal professionals who attended the meetings, which were hosted at seventeen law firms throughout thirteen states in the South, East, and American Southwest. The ILTA Roadshows provide an opportunity for those of us behind the software development efforts to meet face to face with audiences of legal software users. The conversations drive new breakthroughs, new product ideas, and new software applications. The Roadshow program has become so popular that we have to plan our tours a year in advance, so as we pack up our 2013 stage, we are rolling out our 2014 plan. Send us an email if you'd like us to visit your city! We send our thanks to Gail at ILTA, and to all of our hosts in Altanta GA, Baltimore MD, Memphis and Nashville TN, Miami and Tallahassee FL, Richmond VA, Salt Lake City UT, Birmingham AB, Charlotte NC, Portland ME, Hartford CT, Buffalo and New York City NY, St. Louis and Kansas City MO, and Phoenix AZ. Contact us to schedule a roadshow for your city.