Mimecast: large file sending... now easy and safe

Published on October 31, 2013 by kerryc
Mimecast has recently added Large File Send for Outlook to their product set. The new service makes sending large files (up to 2GB) secure and easy for users, while meeting the governance and management needs of IT staff. These large files bypass the Microsoft Exchange server or the Microsoft Office 365 limit without impacting the corporate networks performance or clogging the user’s own inbox. The end users simply attach the file to their email in Outlook as usual and press send – Mimecast then does the rest!

End user benefits:

  • Secured with access keys
  • Share large files up to 2GB from within Outlook
  • Large files are archived according to retention policies
  • Optional expirations on files to up to 90 days, perpetual links for archiving customers
  • Tracking and notifications to confirm that files have been received.
  • More messages can be stored within mailbox quotas
Mimecast in Australia Mimecast unified email management, consisting of email archiving, continuity and security is now available in Australia and New Zealand through DocsCorp. Mimecast's email management solution uses cloud computing to cut IT costs, ensure continuity, security and compliance and give you control over your most valuable business data. View the video, or contact DocsCorp directly.