Another 5 reasons to stop relying on MS Word to compare documents

Published on April 29, 2013 by Corinne
We know that MS Word 2010 has an improved document comparison capability over previous versions of Word – and we know how handy a multi-purpose tool can be in a busy business environment. But when we started to put MS Word to the test on complex document comparison tasks, we found several reasons why busy legal firms shouldn't rely on MS Word. We previously described 5 reasons why MS Word struggles as a comparison tool, but we’ve got another 5 detailed reasons why a specialized data comparison tool is better for legal document comparison. 1. Compare Anything To Anything: MS Word will help you compare MS Word documents, but what if you need to compare Excel spreadsheets? Or a Word document to a PDF? Or a PDF to another PDF? MS Word can’t help you with that. 2. Efficiency and productivity: Every time we can use our computers to create a faster, easier, more reliable workflow, we save time and get more done. But MS Word doesn’t have built in workflows that allow you to “email as a Word or PDF with source documents attached” In just one click, you could be moving forward if you were using a specialized tool with built in workflows. 3. Print Changes Only: Wouldn’t it be handy to be able to print out only those pages from the Comparison Report that have been changed? MS Word can't do that with a single click. 4. Compare image-based documents: What if the text you need to compare is locked up in an image? Either a picture or a scanned document that wasn’t properly OCR’d. MS Word can only compare documents that are already in MS Word, but what if you used a tool that has a built in OCR function and could compare image-based documents? 5. Summary Reporting: Do you need summary statistics on the differences between the documents you have compared? What if you could get a report on not only on the statistical differences, but also a list of the settings and options applied on the comparison? Dare to Compare specialized document comparison tools to MS Word on complex documents and see how far data comparison technology has moved beyond MS Word’s built-in function. Then take it one step farther and demand that the specialized software still be able to go forward with a "track changes" document. See the examples of the differences in our free whitepaper, or try it on your own task using a free trial of compareDocs.