Join our ILTA roadshow on document comparison: how does it work, and what's changed?

Published on May 30, 2013 by Corinne
The last five years have seen significant technological changes in document comparison. Law firms have seen incredible improvements in the way they can analyze, mark up, and output changes as either redline or track change documents while still retaining the fidelity and formatting of the original. Document comparison accuracy, speed and integration with leading document management systems have reached a new level of accomplishment, and we plan to demonstrate it live. Our company president, Dean Sappey, will be touring 18 cities in the USA this year during our ILTA Roadshow, showing law firms how document comparison has evolved from the time of the red pen to the use of Microsoft Word, to today's lead-edge technologies for comparing Word, PDF, scanned and other document types. Through the presentation, you will get a better understanding of the technical limitations of MS Word and PDF document comparison as well as get a sense of the technology advances that have been achieved in this very specialist area. Each seminar is open to lawyers who are not ILTA members; email us directly for help joining the free seminars if you don’t have an ILTA member account. Seminar locations and dates will be available on the ILTA website or our events page. Dean will be presenting in Memphis, Nashville, Baltimore, Richmond, Charlotte, Birmingham, Tallahassee, Miami, Atlanta, Portland (ME), Hartford/Stamford, New York City, Rochester, Buffalo, Kansas City, St. Louis, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix. Learn more about compareDocs and the new possibilities in document comparison on our website and see the software in action on our YouTube Channel. Dare To Compare: compareDocs.