Document comparison: how does it work and what's changed

Published on June 14, 2013 by kerryc
DocsCorp will be hosting a seminar at one of Australia's largest international corporate law firm, Minter Ellison, at their Sydney office on 31th July 2013. Email us to reserve your place. Document comparison is a "must-have" technology for law firms. The last five years have seen significant changes in the technologies used to analyse, mark up and output changes as either redline or track change documents when comparing Word and PDF documents. The benefits of creating a comparison results document that retains all the formatting and fidelity of the original enables the professional to continue working on the document - reducing frustration, enhancing workflow, and increasing productivity. Law firms have also seen incredible improvements in terms of accuracy, speed and integration with the tools they use every day. Attend this ILTA seminar to learn how document comparison has evolved from the red pen, to the use of MS Word, to today's leading-edge technologies for comparing Word, PDF, scanned and other document types. Through the process you will get a better understanding of the technical limitations of MS Word and PDF document comparison as well as get a sense of the technology advances that have been achieved in this very specialist area. Email us to reserve your place. Presenter Dean Sappey is the President and co-founder of DocsCorp. Dean has a successful 25-year track record in developing new products and technologies. Dean combines technical expertise and business acumen to build products that deliver real workplace efficiencies. Dean's role at DocsCorp sees him lead from the front, speaking at international conferences and forums as well as overseeing DocsCorp's international operations. In 1986, Dean founded Perfect Technology, which was later acquired by Solution 6 (ASX:SOH) in 2000. Dean holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Technology, Sydney.