How DocsCorp works with ILTA toward progress in legal technology

Published on June 14, 2013 by Corinne
The International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) is, to quote their Statement of Purpose: the premier peer networking organization, providing information to members to maximize the value of technology in support of the legal profession. And at DocsCorp, our suite of software products have proven ideal for mid-size to large corporate law firms throughout the world, so it has made sense for us to be ILTA sponsors and participate in their frequent conferences, meetings, and publications. What is endlessly fascinating to us, as software inventors and developers, is how our technology can make such a difference to the productivity and efficiency of an industry. Law firms are well known for hourly billing, and when a technological breakthrough can cut the time in half for a specific task, and provide more accurate results, it is going to make a difference. Law firms are also in the business of documentation, presentation, and records management, so when a software application can improve workflow, integrate across platforms, and provide information access with a click of a button, the software is going to catch attention. The core mission for ILTA is to give legal insiders a peer-driven forum to discover, discuss, and share information about such technological advances. When one law firm has success doing something that every law firm is going to need to do, ILTA is the place to disseminate the discovery; and the organization does it well. One of the benefits we enjoy as sponsors is the opportunity to go to a regional ILTA meeting and give a presentation, like the ILTA Roadshows. Our company president and founder, Dean Sappey, has been a dedicated roadie since we joined ILTA, more than six years ago. Dean initially focused on the design and development of the first versions of DocsCorp's compareDocs software, and he now heads its global operations in USA, Europe and Australia. He enjoys the roadshows because they give him a chance to not only showcase the latest design advances and new ways to apply them, but also allows him to work closely with clients to understand the challenges they face in improving productivity. The DocsCorp 2013 ILTA Roadshow Series is focused on  how document comparison has evolved from the time of the red pen to the use of Microsoft Word and to today's leading-edge technologies for comparing Word, PDF, scanned and other types of documents. Dean’s presentation showcases the technical limitations of Word and PDF document comparison, and the technology advances achieved in this area. We’ve made data comparison faster, more accurate, and easy to use and we know that ILTA’s focus on sharing legal technology applications is the ideal place to demonstrate this. ILTA Roadshows are open to non-ILTA members and are free to attend. Any member of any firm, large or small, is invited to contact ILTA – or email us – to find a local event and join in. We have a list of upcoming USA roadshows on our website, and ILTA has the complete list on theirs. We know that the efficiency and productivity boost that law firms have experienced when using our products  is applicable to many other industries, and we are seeing exciting growth in clients within government, life sciences, financial services, non-profit, mining, technology, and manufacturing. If the work involves a document on a computer, we can make it faster, more accurate, with a better workflow. Our growing library of specific examples is always available on our YouTube channel, and free trial license information can be found here. We kicked off our 2013 ILTA Roadshow Series today, June 13th, in Memphis, Tennessee and we invite you to find one in your city; come and see!