The Matter-Centric PDF Workspace in pdfDocs Represents a New Paradigm in PDF Production and Distribution Workflows

October 30, 2014

The Portable Document Format is not unlike the Universal Translator in Star Trek. Think about it -- the Universal Translator enables beings from different planets and galaxies to communicate and understand one another without having to acquire or learn another language. Likewise the Portable Document Format allows you to share content with others irrespective of applications, fonts or system...

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New England law firm Pierce Atwood tackles complex document comparison workflows with compareDocs

October 8, 2014

New England powerhouse, Pierce Atwood, found themselves looking for new document comparison software when their current solution was earmarked for End of Life. They found compareDocs—an application that delivered on speed, accuracy and ease of use. The intuitively simple interface reduced previously complex workflows and processes in many cases to a single click... Pierce Atwood LLP is more tha...

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