The Matter-Centric PDF Workspace in pdfDocs Represents a New Paradigm in PDF Production and Distribution Workflows

Published on October 30, 2014 by kerryc
The Portable Document Format is not unlike the Universal Translator in Star Trek. Think about it -- the Universal Translator enables beings from different planets and galaxies to communicate and understand one another without having to acquire or learn another language. Likewise the Portable Document Format allows you to share content with others irrespective of applications, fonts or system settings. The PDF can be read on screen or printed from any machine.

PDF: The Next Generation

More than a decade has passed since the launch of the PDF and much like the old Star Trek series a lot has happened since. Today law firms, more than any other profession, have made PDF their own -- pushing the format to the limits … We can now collate, redact, secure, split, mark up, OCR and edit PDFs, but the way in which we interact with the file format has more or less remained the same. That is until now. pdfDocs from DocsCorp is unlike any other PDF application. It is based on a completely different paradigm -- matter-centric PDF workspaces.

Introducing the PDF Organizer Project

The concept is quite simple -- collate multiple documents from multiple sources, including local/network drives, email, or Document Management Systems, relating to a particular case, matter or project into a PDF Organizer Project workspace, which can be printed, emailed or saved directly into a DMS as a single, secure PDF or PDF/A document. Let's look at the workflow in more detail. Collate Documents: print, import or drag and drop documents into an Organizer Project. You can re-arrange pages and documents within the collated set with drag and drop ease. Perhaps you want to exclude a page(s) or document(s) from this particular version of the document. Simply uncheck the page or document from the document list. The excluded page or document is not removed or deleted from the Organizer Project. It can be checked for inclusion in a future iteration of the document. Edit Content: pdfDocs boast a powerful set of editing tools that allow you to edit text, images; rotate, crop or delete pages within the document set; add Bookmarks and Links to help readers navigate the document; OCR specific pages or documents to make them text-searchable; reduce file size through optimization. Apply Page Settings: Add a watermark to the document to indicate its status, ie Draft; apply a Stationery Set, which might consist of your firm's logo and address to be applied to all or some pages in the document; add a Header/Footer across all the pages that contains Time/Date stamping, Bates Numbering or information from your DMS. Secure the Document: Mark up the document with proposed redactions. The redactions can be reviewed, approved and applied by a supervisor on the Comments pane. Secure the document with an Open Password and/or 128 bit encryption. Output the Collated Set: You can now output the collated set as a single, PDF or PDF/A document. At this point you can split the file into smaller files to comply with eFiling or email file size requirements if the file is too big. All your output options (Security, Headers/Footers, Bookmarks, Initial View, watermarks etc) can be reviewed and modified before you click the Save as button. Save the Organizer Project: You can save the Organizer Project file (.POP) to work on later, or you can save it as a template (.POPT). You can then create another Organizer Project from scratch or one based on a template.

Working in Modes

In addition to Organizer Project mode, pdfDocs works in two other modes: Single Document mode and Binder Project mode to accommodate how you interact and work with PDF documents, whether it's working with a single document or thousands of documents. Single Document mode: Allows you to open and work with a single instance of a PDF document, independent of Organizer and Binder Project modes, and does not require Adobe Reader. Users can open a PDF document, edit, annotate and mark up the document. Users can also open multiple instances of a PDF document. This is a faster, simpler way of interacting with documents. Binder Project mode: Automates the process of converting and assembling vast amounts of documents into a single or multi PDF document, which can be distributed to clients or third parties quickly and securely. Documents and folders, even folders with sub-folders from a MS Window file or Document Management System can be easily added to the Binder. The documents and folders can be re-arranged within the Binder with drag and drop ease, adding headers/footers, a cover page, links, bookmarks, page numbering and security settings. The Binder can be output to CD, complete with a printable and interactive Table of Contents to help readers navigate. Learn more about pdfDocs...