Reduce the Risks of Not Finding Important Documents

Published on November 12, 2014 by kerryc
Is your DMS your weakest link? The dictionary defines the term Achilles heel as “a seemingly small but actually crucial weakness.” The term aptly sums up the state of indexing and searching in document and enterprise content management systems.

The Risks Are Great, The Sources Many

Research indicates that as much as 30% of documents in a content repository are actually "invisible" to search. The culprit usually turns out to be image-based documents -- JPGs, TIFs, PNGs and image PDFs. While many of these documents get OCR'ed, many do not, and since they are image files with no text, they do not get indexed. Instead they become invisible to your search technology. Mobile technology, document ingestion and staff workarounds have punched huge holes in OCR'ing processes and workflows. This poses significant risks to law firms and law departments.

contentCrawler — Right Time, Right Place

contentCrawler is a backend rather than a frontend process that delivers huge benefits to law firms in terms of efficiency, productivity, searchability as well as cost savings. More importantly, a backend approach to OCR'ing ensures that all documents are made searchable once they are saved into the content repository, irrespective of the entry point. contentCrawler works in two modes: one monitors newly profiled documents so that they are OCR'ed and made available for indexing immediately; the other OCR’s all the legacy documents in the system. contentCrawler provides law firms with significant benefits:
  • 100% Searchability — All image-based documents in the document management system are OCR'ed, adding an invisible layer of text to documents. This will ensure that the document is indexed by the system. Law firms can be certain that all documents are completely searchable.
  • Increased Organizational Productivity — Staff members do not need to OCR documents. Instead, they can concentrate on more important tasks. By ensuring that every document is text-searchable, firms will be able to eliminate productivity losses and downtime looking for looking for lost or misfiled documents.
  • Increased Efficiency Through Automation — Firms will be able to automate the entire process so that processing can take place 24/7.
  • Simplified management of image-based documents - Firms will be able to do away with multiple OCR'ing processes and workflows, replacing them with a single, centralized approach.
  • Reduced costs - Firms will be able to reduce OCR'ing hardware and software requirements.

contentCrawler Integration

contentCrawler integrates with MS Windows file systems and leading Document Management Systems -- HP WorkSite, HP TRIM, MS SharePoint, OpenText eDOCS DM and Livelink, ProLaw and Worldox.