contentCrawler helps find critical documents and drawings, ending engineers’ frustration with DMS

December 18, 2014

PTTEP AA is a wholly owned subsidiary of PTT Exploration and Production (PTTEP), the Thai national petroleum exploration and production company. In Australia, PTTEP AA is the operator of the producing Montara oil field and the Cash Maple gas field in the Timor Sea. PTTEP AA employs more than 300 people based in Perth, Darwin and the Timor Sea. The Montara oil field is located in the Timor Sea...

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pdfDocs 4.1 wins 1st place in the TL NewsWire Top 10 Products of 2014

December 11, 2014

The list of winners of the TL NewsWire Top 10 Products of 2014 has been released  and pdfDocs 4.1 has won first place! The list is published by Neil J. Squillante of Technolawyer and the Top 10 rankings were chosen from among 200 new products reported in TL NewsWire this year. Winners were chosen by the number of subscriber clicks. Neil notes trends throughout the winning products. He lists...

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contentCrawler empowers Electricity Authority to find “invisible” documents in their DMS

December 10, 2014

The Electricity Authority of New Zealand (the Authority), based in Wellington, is an independent Crown entity that was formed in 2010. Prior to that there was an Electricity Commission. The Authority is the electricity market regulator and responsible for the efficient operation of the New Zealand electricity market. It promotes competition in, reliable supply by, and the efficient operation of...

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