DocsCorp document productivity suite a “must have” for top law firms in the Nordic Region

Published on May 20, 2014 by kerryc
Firms in the Nordic region are increasingly using DocsCorp’s companion products to manage all their document workflows DocsCorp have seen strong demand from law firms in the Nordic region for its document productivity suite. DocsCorp now has 5 of each of the top Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish and 3 of the top Danish law firms as clients. Moreover, firms such as Kluge, Danowsky & Partners and Hamilton Advokatbyrå have also deployed DocsCorp’s “must-have” technologies. Increasingly clients are adding the DocsCorp companion products to their toolkit to help them manage their document production, processes and workflows. However, this trend is not limited to clients as more and more firms are looking for a single technology partner to provide them with all the technologies they require; document collation, metadata cleaning, comparison, mark up and review, redaction, PDF and PDF/A creation and validation, document bundling and processing. “For over 10 years DocsCorp has maintained a singular focus on improving the productivity of document management professionals through software products that enhance and streamline document production workflows,” said Ben Mitchell, VP for Europe. “DocsCorp has concentrated on its core strengths and adhered to its mission, investing significantly in the next generation of its products.  This is why our clients are telling us that we are seen to be a provider of very stable and easy to use software”. Better together The DocsCorp document productivity suite consists of cleanDocs, compareDocs and pdfDocs to provide law firms with all the tools they need to better manage their business-critical documents from a single technology partner, integrating with the office applications and document management systems they use on a daily basis. The clean, modern interface common to all the applications ensures that users focus their attention on the task at hand rather than grappling with complex and confusing user interfaces.