DocsCorp forms strategic partnership with premium IT security vendor Infraforce GmbH

Published on June 23, 2014 by kerryc
German IT and document security vendor partners with DocsCorp to resell its software, which complies with strict German data security and privacy laws. DocsCorp recently announced a new strategic partnership with Infraforce GmbH, a German company specializing in strategic IT security consulting and software for many of Europe’s top companies. Infraforce was previously a leading reseller for Workshare and has resold its products to more than one thousand organiszations across Europe including many law firms. Under the new partnership, Infraforce will sell DocsCorp’s next generation document comparison (compareDocs) and metadata management (cleanDocs) software in addition to its flagship product, pdfDocs, a project-centric PDF management application for assembling, editing and distributing business-critical documents securely as PDF or PDF/A. Commenting on the partnership, Infraforce Managing Director, Christian Weber, said “we take data security and privacy very seriously, and as a result we have developed a strong level of trust with our clients. We are delighted to be partnering with DocsCorp, a leading provider of document comparison and document security software. They will provide our clients with a suite of products that are technically superior, pose no “cloud” risk and respect jurisdictional data protection laws.” “We look forward to working with Infraforce given their excellent reputation in the IT security market and have been very impressed with them in our dealings to date,” says Ben Mitchell, DocsCorp VP EMEA. “Infraforce has delivered first-class service and solutions to businesses of all sizes across the DACH region for almost 25 years and we are proud to add them to our list of strategic partners.”

Better Together

The DocsCorp document productivity suite consists of cleanDocs, compareDocs and pdfDocs to provide businesses with all the tools they need to better manage their business-critical documents from a single technology partner, integrating with the office applications and document management systems they use on a daily basis. The clean, modern interface common to all the applications ensures that users focus their attention on the task at hand rather than grappling with complex and confusing user interfaces. cleanDocs for desktop and mobile users is a breakthrough technology that delivers on speed, flexibility and control to protect against accidental information and metadata leaks. compareDocs is the world’s leading technology for comparing and analyzing the differences between two documents with incredible accuracy and reliability across all document types. pdfDocs is a project-centric PDF management application that integrates with business systems to deliver higher levels of efficiency and productivity when assembling, editing and distributing business-critical documents securely as PDF or PDF/A.