DocsCorp to showcase new product, cleanDocs, and new versions of pdfDocs, compareDocs and contentCrawler

Published on June 23, 2014 by kerryc
The last 18 months have seen significant development and enhancements to the DocsCorp document productivity suite. These include new and exciting upgrade versions of contentCrawler and compareDocs; a new addition to the product suite—cleanDocs; and a redesigned and re-engineered pdfDocs. The common theme across the suite is design, speed and usability for increased end user efficiency and productivity. pdfDocs 4 - is a revolutionary redesign of the software and is the final stages of development. The very high level of participation in the beta program has been extremely valuable in providing us with a better understanding of exactly how clients will use the new user interface and feature set. Feedback from clients on the beta program has been overwhelmingly positive. We are excited to bring pdfDocs 4 to General Release with a staged implementation to our 3,000 clients starting at the end of March. We’ll provide more information to you directly upon release of the product. cleanDocs 1.5 - for desktop and mobile users is a breakthrough technology that enables IT Administrators to deploy a metadata management solution that delivers on speed, flexibility and control to protect against accidental information and metadata leaks. cleanDocs removes more than 100 metadata types from MS Office and PDF documents in milliseconds. compareDocs 4.1 - the world’s leading-edge technology for comparing and analyzing the differences between two documents, has been completely redesigned and optimized to deliver new productivity gains and comparison speeds. Users can compare anything to anything, output the comparison as a traditional Redline, or as a Track Changes document in Word or in PDF. contentCrawler 2 - contentCrawler intelligently assesses image-based documents for batch conversion to text-searchable PDFs, which are then saved back into a content repository. This new version provides faster processing fully utilizing multicore machines, easier administration and automated reporting. A common product interface With the release of pdfDocs 4 all products in the DocsCorp suite share a common interface – one that is similar in look and feel to MS Office 2010/13. This clean, modern interface ensures that users focus more on the task at hand rather than grappling with complex interfaces. If you haven't had an opportunity to look at the new cleanDocs, compareDocs or contentCrawler yet, they are available for download. If you are not using these products we encourage you to download a trial or speak with your Account Manager.