Compare 2 Excel files for differences with compareDocs

Compare Two Excel Files with compareDocs

Published on March 2, 2016 by Kerry Carroll

Prior to compareDocs, comparing Excel spreadsheets (and PowerPoint presentations for that matter) meant converting the documents to PDF as part of the comparison process and outputting the Comparison Report as a PDF.

However, with compareDocs 4.2, this is no longer necessary. Note you do have to have Excel 2013 or higher installed to take advantage of this new capability. compareDocs will now output the differences to an Excel viewer. This makes seeing and understanding the changes easier.

Both compared spreadsheets display in a split screen. If you navigate to a change in one spreadsheet, the other spreadsheet moves to the same location. You can also choose what types of changes you want to see, formulas, macros etc. There are 14 different options available to you.

Comparing two Excel files

1. Load the Original and Modified Excel spreadsheets into compareDocs.

2. Select the Excel Document Output option.

3. Click the [Compare] button.

The Spreadsheet Compare viewer displays showing the changes that were made to the spreadsheet.

TIP: You can export the results to a spreadsheet or copy to the clipboard to paste into another document.

Kerry Carroll
DocsCorp Global Marketing