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What clients have to say...

Lubbock Fine

“contentCrawler has uncovered a range of documents, including PDFs that had previously not been searchable within our DMS. The solution has greatly enhanced our ability to find documents quickly with the use of our DMS search functionality.” Mark Turner, Managing Partner at Lubbock Fine

Mendes & Mount, LLP

“We use contentCrawler to ensure that newly-profiled and legacy PDFs are fully text-searchable. DocsCorp has worked closely with us and has been very responsive to our requests for program enhancements.” Jeff Hutchinson, Director of Information Technology at Mendes & Mount, LLP

Poelmann van den Broek

"It was its unique ability to look inside email attachments for image-based documents as well as its out-of- the-box integration that sold us on the contentCrawler solution." Perry Willard, CEO at Poelmann van den Broek

Sughrue Mion

"We get every kind of image file and image-based PDF sent to us, and while we can control the process at our end, we cannot control what our clients send us. Our biggest challenge is dealing with image-based documents one at a time." Jennifer Holehouse, Software Solutions and Support Manager at Sughrue Mion

Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin

“I knew I had some non-searchable PDFs but I was surprised I had so many. When I ran the audit tool on just one year of my file archive, I saw that I had thousands and thousands of PDFs that were non-searchable.” Lisa Ruane, Manager of Applications at Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin