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ILTACON 2016: Product Demonstrations

August 28 - September 1, National Harbor, MD

We will be at ILTACON 2016 in National Harbor, Maryland this year at Booth 405/407 and Demo Room Chesapeake B, ready to demo any of our products including our newest - compareDocs cloud and contentCrawler cloud.

Scheduled demonstrations

Every day at ILTACON 2016 at 9:00am we will be demonstrating our newest product features. Please join us on:

  • Tuesday, Aug 30th at 9:00am
    compareDocs – compare in the office or on the go

    Join us and see how compareDocs and compareDocs cloud compare Word and PDF documents with incredible accuracy, reliability and speed across all document types.

    compareDocs cloud for Office 365 allows you to compare documents when out of the office. It is available as an Office Add-in and as a Windows 10 application and can run on any compatible device, tablet or computer.

    compareDocs on your desktop and in the cloud delivers unparalleled levels of efficiency.

  • Wednesday, Aug 31st at 9:00am
    contentCrawler – making ALL your content searchable

     Join us and see how contentCrawler and contentCrawler cloud ensure 100% searchability in your content repository. Never lose another document again.

    contentCrawler cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure, integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and NetDocuments.

    contentCrawler is a multithreaded automated solution that provides an OCR and/or a Compression service. It runs 24/7 without staff intervention and without worrying about OCR as a process or a workflow.

    Content that was once invisible to search, can now be found.

  • Thursday, Sept 1st at 9am
    pdfDocs Binder - simplifying electronic binder production

    Join us and see how pdfDocs and pdfDocs Binder integrate with your DMS and MS Office to deliver higher levels of efficiency and productivity when assembling and distributing documents in PDF and PDF/A format.

    pdfDocs Binder creates electronic PDF binders. It automates the process of converting and assembling vast amounts of documents into single or multiple PDFs which can be output to CD, complete with a printable and interactive Table of Contents – and more…

On-demand demonstrations

Please advise if you would like to schedule a demo for you and your colleagues. Click here to register your interest.

  • pdfDocs - create matter-centric PDFs
  • compareDocs - compare anything to anything
  • compareDocs cloud- an Office add-in and Win10 Universal App
  • cleanDocs - remove metadata in microseconds
  • contentCrawler - make every document searchable
  • contentCrawler cloud - SharePoint Online and NetDocuments integration

We run webinars on all of our products throughout the year. Please visit our webinar page to see the upcoming schedule, or contact us to schedule time to learn about our products.

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