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DocsCorp releases cleanDocs Desktop 1.6

September 10, 2014

World Software Corporation announces the availability of contentCrawler for Worldox at ILTA 2014

August 19, 2014

Michael Pennington joins DocsCorp as Regional Sales Director

August 19, 2014

Capensys and DocsCorp announce partnership at ILTA 14 to develop online learning

August 17, 2014

DocsCorp shortlisted for ILTA Distinguished Peer Awards 2014

July 18, 2014

DocsCorp forms strategic partnership with premium IT security vendor Infraforce GmbH

June 6, 2014

DocsCorp’s compareDocs and pdfDocs will be part of the new Worldox Productivity Suite presented at the ALA Conference

May 23, 2014

DocsCorp document productivity suite a “must-have” for top law firms in the Nordic region

April 7, 2014

cleanDocs Desktop takes advantage of new technologies developed by DocsCorp to clean documents of 100 plus metadata types in micro seconds

February 17, 2014

compareDocs 4 completely redesigned interface and optimization delivers new productivity gains and comparison speeds

February 5, 2014

DocsCorp releases contentCrawler 2.1; faster processing, easier administration and automated reporting

October 21, 2013

Linklaters replaces its document comparison software with compareDocs from DocsCorp

October 2nd, 2013

Top British law firms select DocsCorp over its competitors

July 30, 2013

Sarah Lafis joins DocsCorp as Senior Account Executive for Northern and Eastern Europe

June 20, 2013

DocsCorp’s contentCrawler now integrates with HP TRIM

May 14, 2013

DocsCorp announces major client base expansion in EMEA with the legal sector leading the charge...

25 February, 2013

DocsCorp produces the best "go-forward" track changes document at Word Excellence Day

20 February, 2013

It's win, win, win for DocsCorp

10 February, 2013 

More success on the continent for DocsCorp

24 January, 2013 

Kraft & Kennedy, Inc. manages PDF content with DocsCorp's pdfDocs software for the fifth straight year

22 January, 2013 

DocsCorp's contentCrawler now integrates with MS SharePoint

13 January, 2013 

DocsCorp momentum continues with the addition of six new law firms

26 November, 2012 

DocsCorp releases the next version of its project-centric PDF management application

10 November, 2012

DocsCorp success continues north of the border and across the Channel

31 October, 2012 

DocsCorp’s contentCrawler integrates with ProLaw

28 August, 2012 

DocsCorp’s contentCrawler integrates with Worldox

22 August, 2012 

Poelmann van den Broek goes with DocsCorp's contentCrawler

16 August, 2012