compareDocs is the leading document comparison tool for comparing documents

Document Comparison Tool

compareDocs is the world's best document comparison tool. It compares documents with incredible accuracy, reliability and speed across all document types.

It compares Word documents as well as PDF documents. It even compares Word to PDF documents for any change or difference.

compareDocs integrates with business applications and systems to give unparalleled levels of efficiency in the document comparison process.

Extending document comparison with built in OCR

compareDocs has an OCR engine. This provides users with a number of useful document comparison workflows:

  • compare paper documents
  • compare image files
  • compare PDFs and output the comparison as a MS Word document
  • compare any two supported document types and output the comparison to a MS Word document.

10 reasons why compareDocs is the leading document comparison tool

Please download our Top 10 Reasons for Choosing compareDocs as your Document Comparison Tool.