PDF Solutions for Government

Solutions for Government

The right to make freedom of information requests is enshrined in most democratic countries (Wikipedia says 70 countries have such legislation). However, ensuring that this basic democratic right is met is not without significant challenge to government bodies.

There are legislative agreements in place with which government must comply: how the information is processed and delivered; response time to requests; non-disclosure of private or confidential information.

DocsCorp Solutions for Government

DocsCorp helps government agencies worldwide manage the flow of documents and forms it needs to communicate and deliver services to its citizens.

It provides government departments with PDF creation, collation, document bundling, redaction, OCR, form creation, metadata management and removal as well as document comparison capabilities.

Key Benefits

  • Increase departmental productivity
  • Reduce non-compliance risks
  • Leverage investment in DMS and search technology
  • Reduce costs managing OCR technology
  • Streamline the document review process