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Key Features for Non-profits

Assemble PDF Documents

Assemble documents from different applications and systems into a single, secure PDF. Documents and pages can be temporarily removed from the final document by deselecting them. pdfDocs also takes the guesswork out of splitting PDF documents to comply with email or court file size limits.

Enhance PDF Look and Feel

Enhance the look and professionalism of your document by adding headers/footers, stationery, watermarks and numbering (bates stamps, time/date stamps, DMS ID). You can also have the electronic page numbering match numbering on the document. Adding links and bookmarks to your document will improve the reading experience.

Mark-up and Annotate PDF Documents

pdfDocs comes fully armed with mark-up and annotation tools to streamline the document review process. Notes, stamps, hightlighting, comments reduce the need to print out and mark-up documents. Instead feedback can now be shared electronically.

Secure PDF Distribution

Prevent document tampering by locking down the document with pdfDocs so that it cannot be edited or modified in any way. Also the pdfDocs Redaction tool physically strips out text or an area of a page, completely removing it from the document, reducing the risk of exposing confidential or private information. Before you distribute the document, remove any PDF metadata in the file for extra security.

Control the PDF Document

The old adage "you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression" is equally true when sharing documents with external third parties. With pdfDocs you can be sure how your document will display when opened. You can specify the initial view magnification, the page layout and whether Bookmarks and Page panels display by default.