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DocsCorp's pdfDocs enables Not for Profit organizations to put the power of PDF on every desktop to create and distribute the documents, reports and marketing material that are critical to their business.


pdfDocs is a project-centric PDF management application that integrates with business applications and systems to provide users the ability to create, collate, edit, redact, annotate and secure PDF content within the unique pdfDocs Organizer workspace.

Users can print, fax, email and save documents from within the workspace as well as profile documents into a document management system. Users can set up Organizer workspaces for specific cases, matters or projects complete with output and security settings, which can be shared on a network drive.

The pdfDocs Binder feature enables users to collate PDF and non-PDF documents into a single or multi-document collection, complete with a table of contents, cross-document bookmarks, links and indexes. pdfDocs enables Not for Profit organizations to realize significant gains in efficiency and productivity through enhanced workflow.