contentCrawler ensures ALL documents in SharePoint are 100% fully searchable and retrievable

contentCrawler Cloud for NetDocuments

NetDocuments (NetDocs) is document and email management in the cloud. Small to large organizations rely on its software for confidential document and email management. By eliminating on-premises or hosted system hardware and moving into the security of the cloud, the IT burden is dramatically decreased, reducing the cost and complexity of the document management system.

It’s in NetDocuments, why can’t I find it?

NetDocuments is your central library for business documents, and yet 30% of them may be invisible to NetDocuments search. Can you find every document whenever you need it? Failure to find documents erodes user confidence, reduces organizational productivity and risks breaching regulatory compliance. contentCrawler ensures ALL documents in NetDocuments are 100% searchable.

It's an image problem

Image-based documents profiled in NetDocuments cabinets are completely invisible to search technology and indexing engines. Research indicates that on average, 30% of documents in a content repository are non-searchable. This represents a significant, and unnecessary risk , particularly in relation to contracts or legal documents.

contentCrawler searches for and assesses non-searchable documents in NetDocuments cabinets, converting image-based documents to text-searchable PDFs, and compressing them to reduce file size. Documents are automatically saved back into NetDocuments – ready to be indexed and found.

Business benefits

  • Make informed business decisions - find the 30% of image-based documents that are invisible to NetDocuments search, even in email attachments.
  • Get compliant, get legal - ensure you comply with regulatory and legal requirements such as full disclosure in eDiscovery.
  • Streamline OCR operations - replace multiple OCR endpoint solutions with a single, automated system that runs 24/7 with minimal staff intervention.
  • Eliminate inefficiency – run OCR as a backend process, no need to have staff wasting time with inefficient OCR workflows that often get circumvented.
  • Reduce frustration – ensuring documents get found first time, every time reduces workplace frustration and inspires confidence in NetDocuments search capabilities.

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