NetDocuments document management system and software integrates with DocsCorp

How the NetDocuments Document Management System Benefits from DocsCorp Integration

DocsCorp integration with the NetDocuments document and email management system provides users with new features and functionalities:

NetDocuments document comparison

compareDocs integrates with NetDocuments to enable users to quickly and accurately compare two documents irrespective of document format for differences.

The compareDocs approach to document comparison results in a more efficient document review process. Consider… no more proprietary viewing technology; no more reformatting comparison documents; no more retraining staff; no more time wasted!

NetDocuments PDF creation and editing

pdfDocs for NetDocuments lets users collate multiple documents from multiple sources, which can be marked up, edited, and annotated in a collaborative, project-centric workspace. The final document can be saved back into NetDocuments as a secure, single PDF document.

pdfDocs automates the process of creating electronic PDF Binders, converting and assembling vast amounts of documents into a single or multi-PDF, which can be distributed to clients or third parties quickly and securely.

NetDocuments bulk processing of documents

contentCrawler assesses and analyzes documents stored in NetDocuments cabinets based on search criteria as well as OCR and compression thresholds configured by the IT Administrator. The documents are then processed based on the service (OCR or Compression) and saved back into the NetDocuments cabinet as a New Version or as a Replace Original document. This is an automated backend process that can run 24/7 with no interaction from or impact on users.

contentCrawler services can be run in either one of two modes, or both simultaneously. Active monitoring mode looks at newly-profiled documents, while Backlog mode processes legacy documents.