NetDocuments document management system and software integrates with DocsCorp

NetDocuments Integrates with DocsCorp for PDF and Document Comparison Functionality

NetDocuments integrates with compareDocs, contentCrawler and pdfDocs to provide its users with document comparison, PDF creation and editing as well as bulk OCR and compression capabilities.

Document comparison for NetDocuments

compareDocs integrates with the NetDocuments document management system, enabling users to compare two versions of a document for differences.

Within NetDocuments users can right-click and compare Word and PDF documents, or compare Word to PDF documents. The Comparison Report shows the changes between the two, which can be marked up as a redline or track changes document.

Within compareDocs users can navigate to documents in NetDocuments and compare. The Comparison Report can be saved directly back into NetDocuments.

PDF creation and editing for NetDocuments

pdfDocs with integration into NetDocuments enables users to create, collate, edit, annotate, split, OCR, protect and redact PDF documents. The PDF can be saved into NetDocuments as a New Document / Version or Related Document.

Equally users can create PDF documents in NetDocuments by right-clicking on a document and sending to pdfDocs.

Bulk OCR and compression processing

NetDocuments Administrators can automate OCR and/or Compression services across all NetDocuments cabinets to convert image-based documents into text-searchable PDFs and to reduce the file size of large documents for faster downloading and emailing.

NetDocuments integration matrix

Download our NetDocuments Integration Matrix document for more detailed information on DocsCorp integration with NetDocuments’ cloud-based document and email management software.