DocsCorp for OpenText eDOCS DM document management systems

OpenText Document Management Systems and Software Integration from DocsCorp

OpenText is a document management system for large corporations across all industries, enabling them to better manage information and business-critical documents on premise or in the cloud, improving decision-making and organizational agility to gain a competitive advantage.

More capable OpenText document management system

The DocsCorp suite of productivity tools integrate with OpenText's document management systems, specifically OpenText eDOCS DM and OpenText Content Server.

DocsCorp integrates with eDOCS DM out of the box to provide users with document comparison, PDF creation, collation and editing capability. eDOCS DM and Content Server administrators can query and search for specific documents in the document management system that need to be OCR'ed and/or reduced in file size as a backend process.

More efficient OpenText document management system

DocsCorp integrated solutions drive business efficiency, while increasing the value of your OpenText document management system investment.