DocsCorp for OpenText eDOCS DM document management systems

Extending OpenText eDOCS DM with PDF and Document Comparison Capabilities

Our document management system integration varies between OpenText products and versions. Here are some key capabilities and features across our products.

PDF for OpenText

pdfDocs is our PDF solution for OpenText eDOCS DM. It integrates with the OpenText document management system out of the box. It does not require any special connectors.

Users can import or save external PDF documents directly into eDOCS DM as a New Document / New Version / Related Document / Attachment or Sub-version.

In OpenText eDOCS DM, right clicks offer Email as PDF; Create as New Document / New Version / Related / Attachment / Sub-version; Apply Digital Signatures; OCR to Word; OCR to PDF, and Load into a pdfDocs Project to combine with other documents.

pdfDocs provides OpenText eDOCS DM users with a more capable and efficient PDF solution.

Document comparison for OpenText

compareDocs is a document comparison tool for OpenText eDOCS DM users. It will compare 2 Word documents, or compare 2 PDF documents for differences. The resulting Comparison Report, highlighting the differences between the 2 Word documents, for example, can be saved back into eDOCS DM.

Users can right-click on a Word or PDF document in eDOCS DM and compare for differences, or browse to documents in eDOCS directly from the compareDocs interface.

OpenText eDOCS DM integration matrix

For specific integration versions and details, download our OpenText eDOCS DM Integration Matrix document.