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Integrated Products for ProLaw

DocsCorp provides ProLaw users with a number of solutions:


contentCrawler is an integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework that intelligently assesses image-based documents in ProLaw for batch conversion to text-searchable PDFs and saving.

  • Simplify management of image-based documents
  • Reduce non-compliance risks
  • Increase efficiency through automation
  • Reduce costs managing OCR technology


compareDocs uses the world’s leading-edge technology to compare and analyze the difference between two documents with incredible accuracy and reliability across all document types.

  • Streamlines the document review process
  • Provides paper-based, image-based and text-based comparison workflows
  • Reduces risks and possibilities of errors
  • Enables users to meet industry and government compliance requirements


pdfDocs is a project-centric PDF management application that integrates with ProLaw to deliver higher levels of efficiency and productivity when assembling, editing, OCR’ing and distributing business-critical documents in PDF or PDF/A.

  • Create PDF and PDF/A documents
  • Collaborate with project-centric workspaces
  • Make quick work of electronic binders
  • Secure documents with encryption, metadata removal and redaction