Electronic PDF Binders

Electronic PDF Binders

pdfDocs Binder is used to create electronic PDF binders. It automates the process of converting and assembling vast amounts of documents into a single or multi-PDF, which can be distributed to clients or third parties quickly and securely.

Documents and folders, even folders with sub-folders from a MS Window file or document management system can be easily added to the Binder. The documents and folders can be rearranged within the Binder with drag and drop ease, adding headers/footers, a cover page, links, bookmarks, page numbering and security settings.

The Binder can be output to CD, complete with a printable and interactive Table of Contents to help readers navigate.

Key Benefits to PDF electronic binders

  • Easy to use, with a highly intuitive user interface
  • Create electronic PDF Binders from templates for consistency
  • Automates the process of assembling, processing and converting documents to an electronic PDF Binder
  • Integrates with MS Office, SharePoint and document management systems
  • Enhances productivity and streamlines document production workflows