Metadata removal with cleanDocs

Metadata Removal with cleanDocs Mobile

cleanDocs Mobile protects mobile users by automatically cleaning all documents based on preconfigured metadata management policies. Documents cleaned at sub-second speeds and tight integration with MS Exchange Server ensure the prompt delivery of emails with minimum risk of failure or shutdown of the email system.

Protection for mobile users

Mobile email is on the rise, and so are the dangers of metadata leaks as more people use smartphones and tablets to send email. cleanDocs Mobile ensures all attachments are cleaned of metadata before sending.

Sub-second cleaning

cleanDocs Mobile is blisteringly fast, cleaning documents at sub-second speeds.

Policy-based cleaning

IT Administrators can establish enterprise-wide metadata policies to ensure all documents are cleansed of metadata automatically when sent from a mobile device.

Minimize risk of email downtime

cleanDocs Mobile integrates with MS Exchange Server to ensure a superior user experience while minimizing bottlenecks and possible shutdowns of the email system. cleanDocs Mobile works intelligently with Exchange to ensure prompt email delivery.

Clean documents once

cleanDocs Mobile ignores documents that have been cleaned by cleanDocs Desktop, emailing them without delay.