Metadata removal with cleanDocs

Metadata Removal with cleanDocs

cleanDocs is a metadata removal tool. It protects organizations from accidental information and metadata leaks.

Unintentional leaks have the potential to embarrass or negatively impact a company’s financial well-being. cleanDocs integrates tightly with email systems to ensure all hidden metadata is removed from documents sent from an organization.

cleanDocs consists of two modules - cleanDocs Desktop and cleanDocs Mobile. They can be deployed independently or together for a more comprehensive metadata removal solution.

Key benefits

  • Prevent disclosure of confidential or sensitive information
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Reduce financial and reputational risk
  • Enforce enterprise compliance to metadata policies for desktop and mobile users
  • Override optional metadata types for business reasons

10 reasons to choose cleanDocs for metadata removal

Please download our Top 10 Reasons for Choosing cleanDocs for removing metadata from your documents.