compareDocs cloud for document comparison anywhere, on anything

Compare Anywhere on Anything

Comparing contracts and other legal documents manually is labor-intensive and prone to error. Failure to see important changes, no matter how small, can have a big impact on you, your business or your client.

compareDocs changes all that. compareDocs lets you instantly see what has changed between versions, providing unparalleled levels of accuracy, confidence and efficiency in the document review process.

compareDocs is now available as a cloud service running on all Windows 10 compatible devices, and as an Office 365 Add-In.

compareDocs cloud: compare anywhere

Today, we live in a mobile world - one that is always connected, always on. We need to be able to work even when we are on the go.

Whether you use a laptop, tablet or mobile device, you will be able to use compareDocs cloud to compare, review and approve business-critical documents no matter where you are.

Proven document comparison technology

The compareDocs cloud comparison engine has been a market-leading technology for over 10 years. It is also available as a Windows desktop application (compareDocs Standard and compareDocs Pro).


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