compareDocs is the leading document comparison tool for comparing documents

Document Comparison Key Features

Comparison Accuracy and Speed

compareDocs identities changes in document versions and outputs the changes directly to Word or PDF. The result is a seamless, integrated workflow that delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy and speed.

Multiple Comparisons

Compare an original document with as many as 5 modified versions, outputting each as a separate comparison report in either Word or PDF.

Track Changes "Go Forward" Document

Changes in MS Word documents are presented in a new document, which is the next working version of the document. Users can accept or reject changes. All Word features remain active for continued editing.

List numbers, tables and other items are fully marked up and can be accepted/rejected in Track Changes format.

Native PDF to PDF Comparison

compareDocs is the only document comparison application that compares PDFs natively, ie it doesn't convert to another format before comparing the documents.

You can produce a redline comparison for 2 compared PDFs in a single click.

Deeper integration with MS Office

Users can compare Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations for changes so that they can be viewed and understood more easily.

Cross-format Comparison

compareDocs goes beyond the simple Word-to-Word or PDF-to-PDF comparison solution. With compareDocs you can compare apples to oranges, that is Word to Word, PDF to PDF and even Word to PDF.

Identify Image Changes

compareDocs will identify changes to images in your documents; whether they are the same images or not and whether they have been moved within the document.

PDF Companion

The complimentary PDF Companion allows users to create PDF documents from any application. This is ideal for users who have only an occasional need to create PDFs.

Document Management Integration

compareDocs integrates with core business applications (MS Office) and systems (leading Document Management Systems) to enhance business efficiency, productivity and workflow.