contentCrawler cloud for bulk OCR and compression processing

contentCrawler: cloud-to-cloud processing

Running on Microsoft Azure, contentCrawler integrates with Microsoft SharePoint Online and NetDocuments. These are also cloud-based solutions.

Cloud-to-cloud means:

  • Processing is faster and more secure since files are never downloaded to local machines.
  • Operating in the cloud also means no on-premises infrastructure is necessary.
  • Provisioning of the software is very fast and occurs within minutes.
  • contentCrawler on Microsoft Azure comes preconfigured and ready to run in Audit mode, providing insight into how much non-searchable content exists in your Document Management System cabinets and libraries.

Audit mode

contentCrawler can be run in Audit mode to show you how much non-searchable content is in your content repositories. This will provide you with the numbers to build the business case to solve the problem. The audit will run for 48 hours.

Download and set up contentCrawler cloud in Audit mode

How to set up and run contentCrawler for SharePoint Online in Audit mode

How to set up and run contentCrawler for NetDocuments in Audit mode