contentCrawler cloud for bulk OCR and compression processing

Better Visibility, Better Search

It is estimated that more than 30% of documents in a content repository are invisible to search engines. These documents are image-based documents (such as TIFF, scanned PDFs and even email messages with attachments) which are typically not indexed by content or document management systems.

Failure to find documents erodes user confidence, reduces organizational productivity and increases regulatory compliance risks.

contentCrawler makes documents searchable

contentCrawler is a multithreaded automated solution. It runs 24/7 without staff intervention. There is no need for any other OCR’ing or compression hardware or software.

By processing directly in the document library there is no impact on staff workflows or processes. Staff continue to upload documents into the document content repository without worrying about OCR as a process or a workflow.

Content that was once invisible to search, can now be found.

contentCrawler in the cloud

contentCrawler cloud powered by Microsoft Azure currently integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and NetDocuments. These are also cloud-based solutions.

contentCrawler on-premises

contentCrawler is also available as an on-premises solution and integrates with HP TRIM, iManage, MS SharePoint, NetDocuments, OpenText Content Server, OpenText eDOCS DM, OpenText Livelink, ProLaw, and Worldox.