contentCrawler: OCR technology for document management

Compress and OCR Features for Document Management

Search and Find

contentCrawler assesses and analyzes documents, even ones within email attachments stored in a document management system based on a particular search query. These documents can be processed for compression and/or OCR'ing.

Super Smart Technology

contentCrawler will not compress or OCR documents that do not meet the compression or text thresholds set by the Administrator. These documents with be ignored during processing.

Monitoring Modes

Processing can run in one of two (or both) modes: Convert Backlog or Active Monitoring. Convert Backlog processes all legacy documents based on the process type, while Active Monitoring processes documents as soon as they are profiled into the document management system.

Reprofiling Documents

Processed documents are automatically saved as New Versions, Attachments or Related Documents in the document management system. These documents are now compressed and/or fully text-searchable and ready to be found by your document management system search technology.

Automated or Manual Process

Processing documents can be an automated end-to-end process or a manual one with built-in “Hold for Review” stages before Compress and/or Convert to PDF and/or Save Back into the document management system.