contentCrawler: OCR technology for document management

Bulk Processing for Document Management

contentCrawler is an integrated analysis, processing and reporting framework that intelligently assesses documents in a Document Management System for bulk processing.

Users can bulk process documents in the DMS using either the OCR or Compression modules. Or, they can do both. For example, contentCrawler will convert all image-based documents in the DMS to text-searchable PDFs. The Compression module will then apply compression and downsampling to all PDFs, reducing them in file size.

The automated end-to-end process can run 24/7 without any staff intervention, emailing periodic notifications of processing statistics and error reporting to the IT Administrator.

Staff no longer have to worry about OCR or compression as a process or workflow.

Key Benefits

  • Increase organizational productivity
  • Simplify management of image-based documents
  • Reduce non-compliance risks
  • Increase efficiency through automation
  • Leverage investment in DMS and search technology
  • Reduce costs managing OCR and Compression technology

10 reasons to choose contentCrawler for bulk processing

Please download our Top 10 Reasons for Choosing contentCrawler as your OCR technology for converting image-based files such as JPEGs to searchable PDFs.