DocsCorp articles

Protect Against Accidental Data Disclosure

With European Commission regulation imminent, it’s time to install software to protect sensitive information and ensure it doesn’t go astray. 

Document Comparison and Metadata Cleaning: You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Document comparison and metadata cleaning software programs must go hand-in-hand for law firms who don't want to miss important changes or leak sensitive information.

Technology Driving Change in Document Comparison

Charting the changes in document comparison software - from red pen on paper to highly specialized software. 

Metadata Management: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Recent history is full of memorable metadata leaks. Run a simple Google search and it will return thousands of results ranging from law firms to government departments and political parties. These leaks, however, are preventable. 

contentCrawler Finds the 30% of Documents in Content Repositories your Search Technology Cannot

The dictionary defines the term Achilles heel as “a seemingly small but actually crucial weakness.” The term aptly sums up the state of indexing and searching in document and enterprise content management systems.

Matter-Centric PDF Workspace: A New Paradigm in PDF Production and Distribution

How the PDF Organizer Project will change the way you work with PDFs.

Complex Comparison Workflows Now Reduced to a Single Click

With the latest compareDocs release, we explore why software should perform complex tasks but still be simple to use. 

cleanDocs Removes 100+ Metadata Types at Sub-Second Speeds

In 1999 Microsoft published its Annual Reports. Nothing particularly unusual about that except that metadata in the file revealed that the reports had in fact been prepared on a Macintosh computer.