Document comparison and metadata cleaning: you can’t have one without the other

How would you improve on cookies, peanut butter, cheese and chips? If you said cookies and cream; peanut butter and jelly; cheese and wine; fish and chips, you would be right. On their own they are OK, but together they are great!

For a law firm, having a document comparison solution without a metadata removal solution is like having a peanut butter sandwich without the jelly. When you compare two versions of a contract for differences, you want to ensure that the final version is cleaned of comments and track changes before emailing to the client or to external parties. You don’t want opposing counsel to see what your client is prepared to settle for in a case.

It therefore makes perfect sense for a law firm to look for a technology partner that has both in its product portfolio since they are likely to share similar user interfaces, integrations and technologies. And that is exactly what you get when you purchase cleanDocs and compareDocs from DocsCorp.

Document comparison with a difference

compareDocs compares documents natively. It doesn’t convert documents to a proprietary format before comparing. Instead, it compares documents at the binary or direct file level. This results in a faster comparison as it doesn’t have to open the source document each time. Also, analyzing text at the binary reduces the risk of document corruption, while retaining document formatting and styles. No wasted time reformatting documents.

The compareDocs interface is modern, simple and intuitive. Loading documents into the interface is made easy by multiple integration points. Add documents directly from MS Office, Outlook, leading Document Management Systems and Windows file systems, or simply drag and drop into compareDocs and compare—it's that simple. The output document, or comparison report can be as a traditional redline or a track changes document.

Metadata cleaning at sub-second speed

cleanDocs removes more than 100 metadata types from documents at sub-second speeds, eliminating bottlenecks and lost productivity. This blistering speed is achieved through binary level and multi-thread processing.

cleanDocs is a hybrid solution, consisting of two modules - cleanDocs Desktop and cleanDocs Mobile. They can be deployed independently or together for a more comprehensive metadata management solution.

Complex legal workflows reduced to a single click

Simple is hard. It's often been said that it takes a lot of hard work to make something simple. Software should do complex tasks, but it shouldn't be complex to use. This philosophy is well and truly embedded in the DocsCorp intuitive design approach. The simple, common user interface belies the power under the hood. Here are just a couple of examples of how cleanDocs and compareDocs deal with complex legal workflows.

  1. compareDocs will compare two image-based PDF documents, mark them up as a Word redline report, and output the comparison report to PDF – with a single click.
  2. cleanDocs will clean the document of metadata, convert to PDF and email to the recipient – with a single click.