Comparing 2 word documents with compareDocs

Technology driving change in document comparison

At the risk of stating the obvious, document comparison is all about change! Not just change in the actual documents but also change in the very technology that analyzes, marks up and outputs document changes for review.

Consider how document comparison has evolved from the days when one physically marked up the differences between two documents with a red pen to specialized software that does the same thing only quicker and more accurately.

Document comparison with a difference

With compareDocs, document comparison has taken another leap forward not only in terms of technology but also in philosophy. The compareDocs approach to document comparison and workflow is unique—provide users with a seamless, integrated comparison workflow that delivers unprecedented levels of accuracy and efficiency to meet the complex comparison needs of users today.

compareDocs goes beyond Word-to-Word comparisons. Businesses no longer work exclusively with MS Word documents—they work with many different formats. The easy-to-use interface lets you compare anything to anything (Word to Word, PDF to PDF, Word to PDF as well as two image files), integrating into the applications document professionals use every day—MS Word and Outlook.

Beyond the redline; comparison reports with track changes

The compareDocs comparison engine analyzes the document text layer only. It does not convert the document to another format as part of the comparison process. Nor does is pollute your comparison document with proprietary and problematic styles. Converting documents to another format means that document formatting will be lost. compareDocs by contrast maintains document integrity and fidelity at all times by working within the text layer only – not the presentation layer.

Once the changes have been identified within the text layer, compareDocs outputs the detected changes directly into a new Word document. This new document becomes your next version of the compared documents – a live working Word document. This new approach results in a more efficient document review process. Consider… no more proprietary viewing technology; no more reformatting comparison documents; no more retraining staff; no more time wasted!

Simple is hard

It's often been said that it takes a lot of hard work to make something simple. Software should do complex tasks, but it shouldn't be complex to use. This philosophy is well and truly embedded in DocsCorp's intuitive design approach.

The compareDocs user interface is deliberately simple and intuitive. Based on the MS Office 2013 look and feel, it is intended to be immediately familiar. Simply drag and drop documents from a local or network drive, document management system or from MS Outlook onto the interface and click Compare.

Comparison reports can be output as either redline or track changes documents.